At Humboldt State Univerity I had two opportunities to intern with experienced professors in my field. In the classes listed below, I was able to participate in the grading process, creating assignemnts and lesson plans, and leading my own lectures.

In order to prepare for these interships, I also enrolled in Education 582 with Professor Sally Botzler in which I became familiarized with various techniques. For example, one thing I took away from that experience was this Interdisciplinary Lesson Plan [pdf].

English 101: Critical Writing

In Fall 2006, for my Internship in Teaching Writing, I co-taught with Professor Tracy Duckart in her English 101 course, Critical Writing. Included below are two assignments I created which were used by the students.

English 220: Literature, Identity, and Representation

In Fall 2006, for my Internship in Teaching Literature, I co-taught with Professor Mary Ann Creadon in her English 220 course, Literature, Identity, and Representation. Included below is one assignment and three lesson plans which I created for use in ths course.